Child Sponsorship Scheme

Educational Child Sponsorship program.

Educational Child Sponsorship program. As at June 2013 we sponsor approximately 150 children in Ghana and 20 children in Sierra Leone. Our goal is to sponsor 250 children worldwide by the end of 2013.

Living Waters Video
"Building communities, changing lives" mission trip was a project geared towards developing a local community in Ghana through a variety of support from the UK.  Volunteers from various industries travelled to Ghana to build a canteen and carryout an eye clinic in Bawjuase.  The volunteers used their skills, sources and donations to work with grassroot project.
Orphanage partnership scheme. Currently we partner in assisting Miracle Ministry’s orphanage in India and a Children’s Welfare Home in Ghana.
We aim to initiate a sponsorship scheme for 20 young adults in furthering their skills and educational development.
We provide resources in the form of clothing and toys for the children we have contact with. We also organise children's activities in the form of "children's days" and sporting events.